Vitalizing The Therapeutic Encounter

A New Approach To Transformation & Change

“I have decided, after all my years of doing individual and group work, that it is more important that my presence be felt than my interventions be correct. It is now clear to me that entering into encounters that generate the possibility of aliveness, and entering into it with those I work with, is what matters most.”

– Michael Mervosh

“This is an influence or control which does not rely on understanding psychic structures or processes, and does not evolve out of reflection, but out of exposing the soul to the relentless and uncompromised influence of reality upon it – and of itself upon reality, including upon its fellow subject.”


Enlivening & Vitalizing

The Therapeutic Dyad:

A Five Day Intensive Workshop

In Service Of Aliveness & New Growth

The workshop room in the Lifebridge Sanctuary.

This workshop is about bringing the therapist’s aliveness to moments of therapetuic engagement and challenge, the directly leads to change.

This dynamic workshop will help practitioners activate their own affective and vitalizing presences in the field of their therapeutic relationships – engaging transformation in action – where we risk ‘doing whatever it takes’ to get below the surface of the ego’s conscious efforts to maintain itself, and to enter to the realm of rich potential in the unconscious – the ‘not-yet-known’.


November 2022

Preparation Readings

Learn To Apply A New Approach To Vitalizing 

“Perhaps for you it is too late to turn back to the old ways.  You have already begun to enter the unsettling experiences of deeper processes, of finding yourself becoming someone you have not yet met, but are beginning to recognize.  This way of working will never be fully understood by you, nor received so easily.  But if you dare to simply enter into  encounters fully, in any given moment both you and your client will be altered, and no one can say for sure who has been changed by who.”

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