Enlivening & Vitalizing The Therapeutic Encounter

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Payment Information

Payment may be made online via credit card. 

Deposit secures enrollment in the workshop.

(Deposits are non-refundable.)

Private Accommodation

The private accommodation choice guarantees you a single bedroom.

You may share bathroom facilities with other participants.

Shared Accommodation

The shared accommodation choice is a dorm-style bedroom shared with one or two other participants.

You will share bathroom facilities with other participants.

“Perhaps for you it is too late to turn back to the old ways.  You have already begun to enter the unsettling experiences of deeper processes, of finding yourself becoming someone you have not yet met, but are beginning to recognize.  This way of working will never be fully understood by you, nor received so easily.  But if you dare to simply enter into  encounters fully, in any given moment both you and your client will be altered, and no one can say for sure who has been changed by who.”

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