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About my psychotherapy practice

My office is located in a vibrant urban area of Shadyside in the East End of Pittsburgh. My practice is located in The Rubicon, which is home to a small group practice of direct care physicians and psychotherapists. It is located on South Highland Ave near the Casbah restaurant and across from Adda’s Coffee Shop. There are eight parking spaces for clients adjacent to the building.


I am a licensed psychologist and I have been providing psychotherapy services in individual and group therapy for the past 27 years.  My professional background originated in the field of addiction and family systems, where I worked for ten years with individuals, groups, families and the general public.

As a therapist, my training and clinical orientation has been centered around Gestalt therapy, Object Relations, Psychoanalytic Work and Characterological Development. My current work is a body-mind synthesis of all these fields.  

I place great value on the capacity of the psychotherapist to be vital in body and mind, to be deeply interested in both the well-being and the disturbance within the client, and to accompany the client to places within themselves that need re-examination, support, encouragement, and challenge. 


     What To Expect


Psychotherapy is work.  Anything worthwhile is worth the effort it takes.  

Healing, growth and change come about gradually, through consistent and sustained effort.  It is through the investment and efforts made in the psychotherapeutic process that brings the reward of satisfaction and self-worth.   

No one can heal, change or grow from the same level of awareness that  creates or sustains one’s suffering.  It requires the ability to think, feel and act in new ways, and to learn to see one’s self from a new perspective.  

In meaningful psychotherapy work you can expect:

  • To understand your past and look to your future in new ways.  
  • To discover opportunities in the present to be explored and risked.  
  • To be offered other ways of thinking that create possibilities for new choices and new behaviors.
  • To learn to view your therapist as a resource for change.
  • To become more willing and capable of being accompanied where you are, and to be pointed towards places you might never go on your own.


 Working With A Therapist Involves…


Building a stronger connection to your inner and outer resources.


Coming to respect all the ways you resist the very changes you seek to make.


Bringing what troubles you into the room and we work directly with it.


Learning to call your most basic assumptions about life into question.


Finding strength and resources within you beyond what you currently are aware of.


Becoming capable of taking responsibility for what matters most, and living accordingly.


Getting Ready

To Do

The Work


The type of intensive psychotherapy I provide involves a collaborative effort between therapist and client.  I also incorporate a body-oriented approach to my work with some clients.  I believe strongly in the importance of literal and concrete ways of experiencing changes in one’s self physically through focused breath, attention to habitual tensions, and learning more about one’s own style of habitually organizing their body and minds to be in the world. 

 One’s psychological and emotional experience of well-being is obtained by cultivating an “embodied mind”, one that is capable of thinking alongside another’s.  This ability allows us to feel deeply rooted in ourselves, and available to interact with the world around us in life-giving ways.  

I find  working with deepest psychological and physical orientations not only helps people understand themselves more fully, it also allows them to feel more a part of life, rather than simply an observer who is separated or isolated from life.

* * * * * 


Fees:  My fee for an individual session is $140.00.  Payments by check are to be made to “Michael Mervosh”. Individual sessions are of 55 minutes duration.  Typically, I see people on a weekly or bi-weekly basis, but that determined on a case-to-case basis. 

I do not participate in any in-network insurance coverage; I am only eligible as an out-of-network provider.  I send out monthly statements to you that you can submit for third party reimbursement. If you are setting up phone sessions with me, I will provide you with my private session number.

Schedule:  I see clients mostly during the days Monday through Thursday.  I presently only see individuals until 6:00 p.m. on these days. I take a total of 12 weeks away from client work annually to give and receive professional training, to conduct workshops and to take vacation. 

Communications: I handle client communication primarily through email, and secondarily through phone calls to my answering machine. When calling, it helps me greatly if you indicate times when I would be most likely to reach you directly.   

If you have any questions or concerns about the nature of my work, talk with me about them.  The type of psychotherapy I provide requires a significant commitment from each of us, and any worthwhile therapeutic process can sometimes be uncomfortable and anxiety producing, so I want to do whatever possible to ease any unnecessary concerns you may have as you work with me. 

201 South Highland Ave, Pittsburgh, PA, 15206, USA

Working Together

A Better Self Helps To Make A Better World