Professional groups for study & Consultation

keeping ourselves alive & Engaged in our depth work

Statement of Purpose

This group is a particular collection of people who have studied together previously, and have a deep hunger for ongoing professional learning.  This is a group whose shared desire is to become more proficient and effective at providing meaningful depth work with individual adolescents and adults.

This group meets monthly for three hours at a time, does required preparation readings based on a monthly learning theme, and actively participates in group discussions related to the presented theme.  At times, group members will present their own individual cases for group reflection and supervision.

The 2021 Supervision/Study group agrees to meet online monthly, via Zoom, from May through December 2021.



Calling one’s self into question is one of the most difficult and one of the most important psychological capacities that develops over the course of an in-depth process – and it holds the potential to gradually and radically reshape the course of one’s life.
Bill Cornell

This place is a dream.

Only a sleeper considers it real.


Then death comes like dawn,

and you wake up laughing

at what you thought was your grief.


But there’s a difference with this dream.

Everything cruel and unconscious

done in the illusion of the present world,

all that does not fade away at the death-waking.


It stays,

and it must be interpreted.