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April 2021:

Holding The Trouble In Mind: Understanding The Function of Defenses



Highlighted & Underlined Cliff Notes

Chapter 2 – Rather My Own Shortcomings – Poland


In psychotherapy, an understanding is established that the therapist will eventually be invited into the most troubled and vulnerable areas of the client’s life.  Psychotherapy is a process that requires the willingness for risk and uncertainty – for the client and therapist both.

It is within these areas of trouble and difficulty that some of our most important learnings about ourselves will take place.

A psychotherapist seeks to provide a unique space and relationship within which we can finally explore aspects of our lives that we have often overlooked or avoided – trouble in mind. 

Welcoming these troubled places within one’s self is no easy task, but it can be deeply intimate and rewarding.

Bill Cornell

“Years ago, when I was beginning

and struggling to get clients into their

therapy, striving to keep clients in their therapy,

trying to learn what therapy is,

a dear supervisor gave me advice that has stood me

in good stead ever since.

Tell your clients something they can use

and they will come back for more.”

– Warren Poland