Hero's Journey Foundation


Hero’s Journey Foundation

“Be the Hero of Your Own Life.”

Michael is the founder and Executive Director of the Hero’s Journey Foundation. (HJF)  HJF is a non-profit organization devoted to provided transformational experiences to adolescents, adults and elders based on the developmental process and universal cycle of the Hero’s Journey myth.

We inspire others by becoming a living embodiment of a radiance that comes from within us and is transmitted to those around us.

It is our wholehearted intention that our deepest gladness serve the world’s deepest need.

Wilderness Intensives

Held Annually in Summer

The Men’s Journey – The third week every July.
The Women’s Journey – The first week every August.


Held Twice Annually

Two 16 week sessions are held each year.

Awakening The Hero is our newest web course  – four months of in-depth exploration of doing what it takes to call forth bliss in your life.


Soul Tavern Retreat Weekends

Held  Annually

The California Soul Awakening Retreat -Spring
The Men’s Soul Tavern Retreat – January

Apprentice Training

Held Annually
April and October

Hero’s Journey Apprentices are individuals who are dedicated to an ongoing apprenticeship with their own soul nature, and are devoted to a vocation that requires them to become ‘a soul  awake in this lifetime’.

They are looking to further their experiences in a contained and intensive transformational learning process that is based in wilderness settings, and centered on the Hero’s Journey mythic cycle of experience.