PSEN US Training Year – Working With Chaos, Uncertainty & Complexity
PDF Readings

NOTE: These PDFs documents are being provided here to allow for a more succinct and measured reading for the trainees.

These will include chapters that are either pre-highlighted or noted by the trainer – or they will be the detailed, personal preparation notes of the trainer of one of the designated author’s writing.

Self Examination in Psychotherapy

Countertransference & Subjectivity in Clinical Practice

Bill Cornell

Psychiatric Diagnosis, 2nd Edition

Understanding Personality Structure in the Clinical Process

Nancy McWilliams

The Paranoid Character



Psyche’s Veil

Psychotherapy, Fractals & Complexity

by Terry Marks-Tarlow

PSYCHE’S VEIL – Book Notes on Chapters 1, 2, 3

Chapter 2 – The Certainty Of Uncertainty – Marks-Tarlow

Chapter 3 – Complexity at the Edge of Chaos

At the Interface of TA, Psychoanalysis & Body Psychotherapy

Clinical & Theoretical Perspectives

by Bill Cornell


Being a Character

Psychoanalysis & Self Experience

by Christopher Bollas

Meaning & Melancholia

Life In The Age of Bewilderment

 by Christopher Bollas

Chapter 13 – Paranoia – Book Notes

Chapter 15 – The Pieces Of The Puzzle – Bollas

“By witnessing I refer to a (therapist’s) activty: the (therapist’s) functioning as a patient’s other who maintains an actively observing presence, who recognizes and grasps the emotional activity in the mind of the patient at work, and who is himself recognized by the patient as a distinctly separate person in his own right, not merely as a transferential object.”

Recognition of autonomy and respect for otherness are central to witnessing.

– Warren Poland