What’s sex got to do with it 


A Half Day Professional Workshop 

With Bill Cornell

Friday, March 5th, 2021

10:00am to 3:00pm ET


Looking At The Vital Interplay Of Sexuality, Aggression, Transgression & Excess

Sexuality was once at the very heart of Reichian, neo-Reichian, and body-centered models of psychotherapy and health.  This seems often to no longer be the case. In this seminar, we will begin to explore the meanings of sexuality, aggression, transgression and excess.

We will look at their links and associations, the resulting ambiguities of enlivened pleasure and pain, and how wrestling with these ambiguities are essential to our experience of vitality, and to the formulation of new meanings.

    At The Working Edge

    • Each of us may have experiences of our bodies—our identities and sexualities—that are so private and delicate that we can find it nearly impossible to speak of them to anyone.  Some of us may have one or two trusted people with whom we can talk of these matters.  This is often true for clients and professionals alike. 

    • How can we learn to discuss these important dimensions of human life at professional and community levels where meaning is also made, where behaviors are deemed permissible or forbidden, and where identity is often shaped through countless, complex interactions?


    Friday, March 5th

    10:00am to 3:00pm ET

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    About The Workshop Presenter

    William F. Cornell, MA, is a teaching and supervising transactional analyst. He maintains an independent private practice of psychotherapy, consultation, and training in Pittsburgh, USA.

    He is a co-editor of the Transactional Analysis Journal and has published extensively in a broad range of journals and psychotherapy books. He is the author of Explorations in Transactional Analysis: The Meech Lake Papers, editor of James McLaughlin’s The Healer’s Bent: Solitude and Dialogue in the Clinical Encounter, and co-editor with Helena Hargaden of From Transactions to Relations: The Emergence of a Relational Tradition in Transactional Analysis.

    With sexuality, Dorothy Dinnerstein states, “our most fleeting and local sensations are shot through with thoughts and feelings in which a long past and a long future, and a deep wide now, are represented…our sexuality is also characterized by another peculiarity, one that is central for the project of changing our gender arrangements.  It resonates, more literally than any other part of our experience, with the massive orienting passions that first take shape in pre-verbal, pre-rational human infancy.”

    This “deep wide now” is drenched in fantasy, enthralled in the moment, flung back into past, only to be thrust forward into future, and is wrenched with hope, desire, and vulnerability. 

    Essential to both the disturbance and the excitement of our erotic desires is the simultaneous evocation of the infantile underpinnings of our somatic/emotional experiences as well as the force and complexity of adult love and passion.

    We need to be looking at the force of unconscious relations, of the erotic and passionate forces of desire, as a push from within, and not just a response within a relational field, to an external or internal other.

    – Excerpts From SOMATIC EXPERIENCE – Chapter 9 – TAKE ME: Erotic Vitality & Disturbance, by Bill Cornell

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    “The good life gives no warning.  It weathers the climates of despair and appears on foot, unrecognized, offering nothing – and you are there.”

    – Mark Strand