PsychoEnergetics Training

What is PsychoEnergetics Training?

PsychoEnergetics is a multidisciplinary methodology (co-created and established by Michael Mervosh and Irene Tobler in 2006) that supports the deepening process for personal development,  which also facilitates significant and sustainable transformation. 

"PSEN" incorporates a synthesis effective and essential developmental principles and tools from the following disciplines - Buddhist mindfulness practices; breath work; the human energy system; "presencing" dynamics; depth, developmental, transpersonal and body-oriented psychologies.  It also incorporates teachings from various spiritual and wisdom traditions.  

PsychoEnergetics is offered as a four year training program on the coast of Spain and near the Blue Ridge Mountains in Virginia.

We enroll 40 trainees for each training year.


Hotel Edec Roc

Sant Felui de Guixoles, Spain


Sevenoaks Retreat Center

Madison, Virginia